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Wildlife programs for every season. Great for Garden Clubs, Seniors Centers and Libraries!
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Dragonflies, Damselflies and Spreadwings: Beautiful and Beneficial

What is the difference between a dragonfly and damselfly? What are they doing in our yards? How do you tell males from females? Enjoy beautiful images of these animals and learn more about these amazing flyers and how their presence in our neighborhoods can benefit all of us!

Beautiful Butterflies

From the large Eastern tiger swallowtail and colorful monarch to the tiny spring azure, there is a huge range of size, color and patterns in local butterfly species. What makes a good butterfly habitat? How do you attract more of these beautiful animals? Find out more about our local butterflies and what brings them to our neighborhoods. Experience the sights of some of our most beautiful seasonal creatures!

Native Plant Gardening for Wildlife

Are you a butterfly or bird lover? The best way to attract local wildlife to your yard is to plant native plants! Animals need plants for many reasons including shelter and food. Many even have preferred food plants, so “if you plant it, they will come” in many cases. Learn how gardening choices can help you turn your garden into your own wildlife sanctuary.

Reptiles and More

Now Virtual!
Some presentations can also include live animals if requested.

Turtles of New England

Learn about our local turtles here in NE from tiny musk turtles to our season sea turtle visitors. Find out how varied turtle shells can be and learn about the amazing adaptations of these reptiles that allow them to survive their habitats. See live turtles up close and learn how you can help some of our most endangered turtles.

Live turtle option available!

Reptiles of New England and beyond

Learn about reptiles from MA and beyond with fresh water turtles, lizards and snakes! What is the difference between a turtle and tortoise? Are there any local lizards? Are snakes really slimy? Learn about the amazing adaptations of reptiles that allow them to survive their habitats and how many of them are beneficial to us!

Live animal option available!

A Seasonal Springing to Life: Vernal Pools and their Wildlife

What is a vernal pool? It is an essential seasonal habitat for many species from salamanders to wood frogs and many other species. Learn about these seasonal pools and the many creatures that might inhabit them during the year.

Backyard Wildlife

Learn about the wide variation of animals in our own local area!

Wildlife in Your Backyard

From dragonflies and butterflies to birds and mammals, a wide variety of animals may visit area backyards. Which animals are you most likely to see in fall and winter? Which animals are seen more often in spring and summer? Come find out more about our local wildlife, as well as occasional visitors, and what brings them to our neighborhoods.

Birds in Your Backyard

A wide variety of birds may visit backyards in the Greater Boston area. What makes a good backyard habitat? How do you attract those beautiful birds? Who is coming and who is going this time of year? Come find out more about our local birds, as well as occasional visitors, and what brings them to our neighborhoods. Experience the sights and sounds of some of our most beautiful neighbors!

Mammals of New England

There is a wide range of mammals found around New England, from the woods, fields and suburbs to the seashore.  From the shy fisher to the comical chipmunk, rabbits, foxes, deer, coyotes and even black bear might visit neighborhoods, sometimes under the cover of night. Learn about mammal behavior, tracks and signs to help figure out who is in your neighborhood! But what about the shore? There we might see harbor, gray or even harp seals, or dolphins and whales off shore. Learn more about our New England marine mammals and tricks for telling them apart.

Night Creatures and More

Learn about some of our most mysterious creatures!

Creatures of the Night

From bats to fireflies, frogs and more, learn about the animals that come out in our neighborhoods at night. Many of these animals include important predators, such as bats, frogs and owls, and help us unseen under the cover of darkness. Some of these animals, such as fireflies, are also under threat. Learn what you can do to help these amazing creatures of the night!

Fabulous Frogs and Salamanders

Learn about our amazing amphibians! From our tiny spring peepers to our striking red eft, there is a wide range of amphibian life we can find in the Northeast. Find out which frogs have the strangest calls, and which have the most amazing adaptations to survive cold weather. See how many species you can recognize!

What’s Living In Your Cupboards …And how to help get them out!

A snake or salamander in your basement, a bat in your attic or a ladybug in your livingroom-why are wild animals coming into your house? Learn about these and many more species and how to safely get them out of your house and back into the wild!


A few words about Joy’s Nature talks

I highly recommend Joy for informative, educational and entertaining nature programs from the local perspective. Not only will you enjoy her narrative and learn from her vast knowledge but you’ll marvel at her photographs. Easy to work with, Joy can easily tailor her programs to suit your audience needs.

Fran Daneault

Bacon Free Library

Joy is one of my favorite presenters, a fan favorite at the Needham Senior Center and now a fan favorite via Zoom. She is fun, witty, very smart, very informative, and has great photos and even live animals. Her presentations are just wonderful and she has such a great variety of programs! I cannot recommend her enough. Her pricing is also perfect to be able to bring her back frequently.

Aicha Kelley

Center at the Heights
Needham Council on Aging

Naturalist and photographer Joy Marzolf is a speaker I have worked with a few times recently as part of my professional position as a librarian. I organize and host a wide variety of virtual programming for adults and families for the Milton Public Library in Milton, Massachusetts. Ms. Marzolf is a very well organized presenter, is so personable, and she keeps each program fascinating with detailed facts and insights about the animals and plants of the natural world. I have had very good attendance at Joy’s Zoom events, and my participants have given much positive feedback to me about the extensive knowledge she teaches them about each topic. Our audiences continue to be delighted by Joy’s positive and enthusiastic stage presence and by the beautiful images she shares with them. I warmly recommend these nature programs to all.

Jean Hlady

Milton Public Library

I was so pleased with the Backyard Animals program that you gave on Zoom for the Concord COA. The knowledge and enthusiasm you bring to your presentation is outstanding. I have received several calls and emails from seniors who attended to tell me how great it was, and that they are looking forward to next month’s talk. To your credit, not one senior left early – and that’s a huge complement!!

Tina Close

Concord Council on Aging