Joy’s Background

I have loved animals from the time I was a child growing up in New England and would always take advantage of any outdoor time to explore nature. Now, I still love to explore, but also to share my knowledge about wildlife and nature in general. In addition to a BA in Biology, I have been doing a variety of animal-related education programs in my professional life for over 20 years. One of my favorite things to do is break people’s misconceptions about many animals, especially those that people fear, such as predators including sharks, reptiles and spiders.

Part of my animal experience includes working with a wide range of animals, including marine mammals in rehab/rescue programs in Massachusetts, and a wide variety of captive and non-releasable rescued animals in Oregon. I have also worked with reptiles in the wild, and in captivity, for over 20 years. Most recently, I was a Naturalist and Educator at Mass Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary for over 13 years. There I taught numerous programs for a wide range of ages on topics including butterflies and dragonflies, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, animal tracking and photography. During that time, I was also a trip leader and naturalist on canoe trips in both Massachusetts and in NH. In the last few years I have also been a Naturalist Trip leader for marine related trips for the Oceanic Society.

I also have extensive experience designing and teaching programs for audiences of any size and age, including schools (pre-k through college), Scouts, Birthday parties, Senior Centers, Garden Clubs, and other groups.

See individual pages for Testimonials on Live Animal programs, Nature talks, Nature Travel talks, Photography and Outdoor Adventure/Scout Programs.

– Joy Marzolf

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Experience working with All Ages

Pre-School to Adults/Seniors
Virtual Programs

With Joy’s background in technology, as well as education, virtual programs are an easy fit until we can do regular in-person programs again. During 2020, Joy completed over 200 virtual programs for libraries, Councils on Aging, schools and other groups, including programs in several states outside the NE.
I can Zoom wherever YOU are!

My Education Animals

Most of my animals are captive born (and adopted) while others are rescues that could not be returned to the wild for various reasons. These animals help to teach the public about their wild relatives and develop a greater awareness of what we can do to help wildlife in nature.

Experience in Schools

Joy has taught specialty nature, and live animal programs, in schools (K-12) for many years on the West Coast (in association with OMSI) and in the Northeast (pre-K through college). Programs have included a range of customized nature-related STEM topics, including age appropriate discussions of current wildlife research.

Joy also collaborated for 8 years with the staff and teachers at the Conservatory Lab Charter School by designing and teaching fun, educational reptile programs as a part of their 2nd grade curriculum. Joy’s section included live animal programs and a field study to see snakes in the wild. More about this Learning Expedition Documentation Project: Don’t Be S-s-scared: The Truth About Snakes

Wildlife Photographer and Instructor

As a wildlife photographer, Joy has photographed animals here in the NE, across the US and around the world. She also incorporates her photos and videos into her presentations on wildlife and Nature Travel presentations. She loves to share her knowledge with others as well!

All nature photos on this website are taken by me, Joy.
Special thanks to friends who have helped with images of me in “educator mode” over the years.

Naturalist Trip Leader

In the last few years, Joy has been leading trips as a Naturalist for the non-profit Oceanic Society.
These trips are designed for nature lovers with life-changing expeditions that are meaningful for travelers and good for the planet.

The Joys of Nature and the Oceanic Society are also collaborating to offer Virtual Nature Travel and Marine Science talks during COVID-19.

Ongoing Interest and Partipation in Research

Joy has actively participated in wildlife field research, and related activities, from dragonfly, caterpillar and butterfly surveys to longer term studies on reptiles. She has assisted with field research on pit vipers and other snakes for over 14 years, including 12 years as an Affiliate with the Copperhead Institute. In the past 2 years, she has also assisted with field research in Belize with the Crocodile Research Coalition

She has also worked as an onsite organizer, and event photographer, for international scientific conferences through Chiricahua Desert Museum (Rodeo, NM). These events have showcased some of the latest in reptile research. These conferences include: Biology of Pitvipers3 (2019), Biology of Lizards (2018), Biology of Snakes (2017) and Biology of Pitvipers2 (2014).

She also assisted with running the International Herpetelogial Symposium in 2017. She was also on staff, including leading photo programs, for all of the annual Charlie Painter BioBlitz events (2016-2019). (No conferences in 2020 due to Covid-19)

A Passion for the Ocean

As a long time scuba diver, Joy also helps to raise awareness and educate the public about the marine world through her work as a board member of Boston Sea Rovers and the New England Aquarium Dive Club

Science Collaborations

Non-profit organizations, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, the Oceanic Society and The Joys of Nature are now collaborating to offer a series of Science talks that showcase actual research being done in the field. Groups will be able to book multiple programs which can also be adjusted for the level of the audience, from middle, high school or college level or general adult audience.

Science Series programs